When you’re on the road for hours on end, it can be tempting to reach for the conveniently hung bag of chips at the truck stop you’ve parked at. Of course, this isn’t the best choice for your health. But what else are you to do when you need a quick snack?

The truth is that fast, convenient snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. In fact, with some careful preparation and a little know-how, you can eat nutritious foods and maintain a balanced diet even when you’re driving cross-country.

Here are the tastiest healthy snacks for truck drivers:

Fruits & Veggies

When you’re hungry, you can never go wrong with munching on fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit contains the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber your body needs. Plus, they are easy to come by in stores at home and truck stops. Choose a banana when you need to fight off fatigue and leg cramps and an apple to boost your immune system. If you’re not able to prep the fresh fruit while you’re on the road, you can buy dried fruit instead.

If you don’t feel like eating a sweet snack, you can go the savory route with fresh vegetables. Carrots, celery, red peppers, and snap peas are just a few of the veggies truckers enjoy while on an assignment. The vegetables are full of the iron, Vitamin C, and fiber they need to feel awake and alert on the road.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of protein and will keep you fueled for hours. Plus, they contain lots of healthy fats and are easy to eat on the road. Choose from peanuts to sunflower seeds, or get a trail mix for a variety of flavors. If you’re concerned about your sodium intake, buy an unsalted version.

Cheese Sticks

String cheese is another excellent option when you need a quick bite to power you through until the next meal. Of course, the cheese will need to be kept cold, so you may need to get a lunch bag and an ice pack to transport the cheese with you. Alternatively, you can buy cheese sticks or cheese cubes at a truck stop when you’re putting fuel in your rig.


Is your mouth watering for something savory? Instead of heading for the rack of hot dogs at the truck stop, go to the jerky aisle. There, you can find a wide selection of healthy jerky sticks. Choose the flavor that suits your taste buds, ensuring it is low in sodium, has natural flavors, and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup. In addition to being a great snack choice, jerky is also an excellent source of food in the event you get stopped for an extended period of time due to extreme weather conditions or road closings.

Tuna Pouches

Another popular healthy snack among truck drivers is to-go tuna pouches. These pouches come in various flavors, do not require refrigeration, and are easy to eat. Plus, the fish provides several health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’re looking for a snack you can just pop in your mouth, and that is healthy, hard-boiled eggs are the solution for you. They require a bit of preparation (boiling at home), but you can pack them in your lunch sack and enjoy them at any time. You can even add them to a tuna pouch or a salad.


Smoothies help you get your intake of calcium and protein. You can prep one at home before you hit the road for the day, buy pre-packaged smoothies at the grocery store, or stop at a smoothie shop anywhere along your route.

Energy Bars

If you will not be able to enjoy a meal for a while, you can grab a protein bar to hold you over. When you choose an energy bar, be wary of the ingredients. You want a protein bar high in protein, high in fiber, and low in sugar.


Not all of your trucking job snacks have to be cold. You can heat up soup before heading out for the day and put it into a thermos. It will still be hot when your stomach starts growling. For healthy options, choose low-sodium, black bean, split pea, or minestrone soups. These soups are full of flavor as well as protein, fiber, and nutrients.


Another healthy snack perfect for truck drivers is hummus. You can enjoy this nutritious snack with pre-cut veggies like carrots, celery, or green peppers. It also tastes great with pretzels and spread on a tortilla with your favorite deli meats.

Fuel Your Body (& Your Career) the Right Way

While you’re on a truck driving assignment, it can feel impossible to eat healthily. However, it’s easier than ever to find nutritious snacks at truck stops or prepare them ahead of time at home. Follow our healthy snack suggestions to get started, and then don’t be afraid to experiment with combinations until you find a diet that keeps you full and your tastebuds happy.

And remember, your eating habits are only one part of a healthy lifestyle. You also need to drink water and take advantage of all the available fitness ideas for truck drivers.

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