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red semi truck driving down an empty roadTQM Logistics Solutions is a logistics company with the vision of becoming the most innovative supplier of commercial driver resources that this industry has ever seen. TQM Logistics is a trucking company that provides opportunities for individuals to utilize their talents and gifts in meaningful work that both meets their needs and allows for personal and professional growth.

We pioneered the TQM Client Webpage™ where new and prospective CDL Drivers can clearly see the available opportunities and completely understand the details of those logistics jobs. This innovative approach has eliminated the potential miscommunication of someone “selling” (misleading) an applicant on an opportunity.

The Logistics Company With the Truck Driver Career You’re Looking For

Our logistics company proudly serves and provides truck driver jobs in the states of GA, KY, NC, IN, ME, CT, DE, MA, MD, NJ, NY, NH, PA, VT and VA, including the following communities:

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What Drivers Say About Us

  • "TQM demonstrates a clear knowledge and expertise - with the ability to always deliver!"

  • "They have done what their competitors have been unable to do."

  • "TQM's approach has made us believe we can use leased drivers efficiently."

  • Hear what one of our drivers has to say

  • "Incredible people to work with and for.  They are both reasonable and professional.  I go back when I can due to Steve Hoy.  Thank you buddy!"

  • "Great company and customers.  Very happy with this job/position"

  • "Great company, great communication with my dispatch Dustin treats with the utmost respect keeps his word and always finds me a position in a good company have nothing but love for TQM....keep up the good work guys"

  • "Thank you for all the opportunities to work for TQM I appreciate it."

  • "Great managers and clients very nice.  Highly enjoy my current position/job"

  • "I have no complaints with TQM.  There was a full time opportunity that became available and our customer did not have a need to bring on any other full time drivers.  Never had any issues with pay or anything like that.  If there's anything I can do for you guys down here in the future please let me know.  I'd gladly help out where I can."

  • "I'm happy I can come home every day"

  • "This company has lived up to the expectations that was discussed, actually proactive with weekly updates and has cool access to payroll, stubs, and tax adjustments.  Professionals they are even if it's the least you ask from any company."

  • "Great company, great people."

  • "People are great to get along with. The company always keeps us in the loop about what's going on and they are very nice people."

  • "They really told me the truth great company to work for"

  • "TQM has done what their competitors have been unable to do."

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