CDL Truck Driving Jobs in Hartford, CT

Calling all truck drivers in and around Hartford, CT: If you’re looking for CDL truck driving jobs and you’re dedicated to safety, precision, reliability, and DOT compliance, TQM logistics has a message for you. We are now hiring for both Class A and Class B trucking jobs as well as other CDL jobs around Hartford, CT. We are proud to offer our employees permanent, full-time local truck driving jobs where they can build a lifetime career through. Whether you want to drive car haulers or flatbed trucks, tractor trailers or tri-axle trucks, dry van trucks, or yard jockey trucks, we have something for you. We even offer specialized work driving hazmat trucks, reefer trucks, and more.

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Permanent, Full-Time, Paid Overtime Trucking Jobs

We don’t require you to bring decades of experience to the table to sign on with TQM Logistics; you only need your license specific to Class A or B truck driving jobs, proof of your right to work, a few other documents, and a willing attitude towards safety and DOT compliance. Even if you can’t decide what kind of vehicle you’d like to operate or which CDL truck driving jobs will work with your skillset, our coaches will help place you in a position best suited for you!

At TQM Logistics, we’re passionate about our team of drivers and pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone can find something they want to excel in. We offer both class A and B trucking jobs, so you won’t be limited by vehicle weight or size if you’re interested in certain positions. We’re looking to fill permanent full-time positions, which means you won’t have to doubt your ability to find stable work — the trucking industry is expanding now more than ever!

Bringing Paid Overtime Back to Full-Time Truck Driving Jobs!

Paid overtime is unfortunately rarely offered to truck drivers in this day and age. But at TQM, we’re excited to announce that we offer paid overtime opportunities to reward you for all of your hard work! We want to reward our team members for their dedication, rather than expecting long days with little to no extra compensation.

Offering a Wide Array of Truck Driving Jobs in Hartford, CT

While we ensure those looking for home daily trucking jobs are satisfied with their schedules and can be home in the evenings with their families, we also understand that everyone sometimes needs the chance to make some extra income. Many of our applicants are surprised to learn that our CDL truck driving jobs offer paid overtime. We believe in taking care of our team members, and that means rewarding you for your hard work.

Experience a Wide Array of Truck Driving Jobs in Hartford, CT

These are just a few of the vehicles you might work with when you’re placed in one of our CDL truck driving jobs:

  • Car Haulers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Hazmat Trucks
  • Intermodal Trucks
  • Reefer Trucks
  • Dry Van Trucks
  • Tri-Axle Trucks
  • Yard Jockey Trucks

Guaranteed Medical Benefits, 401K, and Paid Vacation Days for Truck Drivers

We want to not just enrich your work life but also provide you with the chance to take care of what’s important to you. We offer the following to our employees as part of all full-time CDL truck driving jobs:

About Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT, is not only Connecticut’s state capital but also a hub for transportation, business, tourism, and more within a relatively small area. Despite the minuscule land area of CT, Hartford boasts a population of over 3.5 million. If you’re looking to start your trucking career anywhere on the Northeastern seaboard, there aren’t many places better than Hartford since the city features both land and sea access. There are also major highways and transportation routes all throughout the state, making it accessible to many other large cities, ports, and communities.

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