1. Refer a qualified driver to TQM – receive a $250.00 Driver referral bonus. $100 paid after referred driver works 7 days, $150 paid after referred driver works 30 days.
  2. For every 10 drivers referred (company wide) after 30 days worked, TQM will hold a drawing for the drivers entered in the referral contest and the winner will receive $1000.00. Also, TQM will award the referred driver attached to the winner $500.00 as well.


Angelo John Smith
Carlos Brian Jones
William Troy Jenkins
Steve Rob Bowers
Brian Sam Stevens
Jamie Ralph Mankins
Brent Tim Billings
Brenda Albert Ranckin
Walter Lenny Albertson
Sammy Janice Bryant

*If Jamie was picked as the winner, he would win a $1000.00 and Ralph Mankins wins $500.00

To make it easier for you to refer drivers, I have included Driver referral cards in a copy of this sent to your home address, It’s very simple to do, Write your name on the “referred by” line and hand them out to drivers you meet. There is a QR code on the back of the card, that when scanned will direct them to fill out a TQM application online. Have them write your name in the “referred by” in the application, and we will take care of the rest.

Pretty Simple and Good Luck!