Outsourcing all or part of your driver force

explore the most comprehensive sourced commercial driver solution

For companies that want to outsource all or part of their driver force.  TQM offers the industries most comprehensive sourced commercial driver solution, allowing our clients to maintain control over the quality of the drivers delivering their products, and transfer all the employer liability to TQM.  TQM’s core solution also brings all our expertise in DOT compliance, safety, and driver training to create a transportation management solution that is cutting edge.

Hiring & risk management

For Hiring: All recruiting, applicant selection, and DOT qualification expenses.

For Risk Management: Assume all employer risk including: Workers Compensation, Unemployment Compensation, negligent hiring, wrongful discharge, etc.

  • Training: design, delivery, and administration (customized training, not the industry standard DVD library).
  • Fluctuating Demand: Provide Supplemental Drivers drivers at reduced rates.
  • Availability:  TQM’s Dispatch Command Center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • One Call Solution:  TQM utilizes a centralized dispatch model, delivering the ultimate convenience to our customers with driver needs in multiple locations.

By calling one number (800)458-5114 you are connected to our Dispatch Command Center providing drivers throughout the United States.

  • DOT Qualification Guarantee:  We will provide a complete DOT Driver Qualification File on every driver, and it will be perfect . . . GUARANTEED!
  • TQM Driver Matching:  One of the TQM Keys to Success is to match a driver to a customer’s opportunity.  The TQM Driver Matching approach provides an exceptional success rate by understanding the challenges of the job, knowing the drivers experience and capabilities, and presenting each driving opportunity to potential drivers in a straight forward, comprehensive, and honest format.  We don’t sell a driver on a job!
TQM can function as a consultant, or the provider of exceptional customer driven services, to assist our partners in achieving their transportation objectives.
Designed for companies that choose to employ their drivers.
Qualified, trained, professional drivers, when you need them, for as long as you need them.
Allows our clients to utilize a driver under our Supplemental Driver program, and after a predetermined time period the driver can become an employee of our client, at no additional expense!

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A new way to find your next career opportunity.

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