CDL Truck Driving Jobs in Allentown, PA

When most people think of CDL truck driving jobs, they imagine themselves behind the wheel of tractor trailers, flatbed trucks, dry van trucks, or other large trucks often seen traversing the roads of Allentown, PA. While many local truck driving and CDL jobs do involve these types of trucks, at TQM Logistics, our CDL jobs are as diverse as the individuals who apply for them!

If you’re interested in full-time truck driving jobs, you might end up driving tri-axle trucks, reefer trucks, yard jockey trucks, intermodal trucks, dump trucks, hazmat trucks, car haulers, or something totally different. Since many of our positions are home daily trucking jobs, you won’t be spending nights away from your family, friends, and life! Read on to learn more about our local full-time truck driving jobs.

Looking for Permanent, Full-Time, Paid Overtime Trucking Jobs?

At TQM Logistics, we’re passionate about our team of drivers and pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone can find something they want to excel in. We offer both class A and B trucking jobs, so you won’t be limited by vehicle weight or size if you’re interested in certain positions. We’re looking to fill permanent full-time positions, which means you won’t have to doubt your ability to find stable work — the trucking industry is expanding now more than ever!

Get Paid Overtime for CDL Truck Driving Jobs

We want to make our drivers feel like part of the team, and part of that is compensating them fairly for the work they do. Not many other companies offer overtime for drivers and long hours are the norm at some locations. At TQM, we offer many home daily trucking jobs, and our full-time CDL truck driving jobs offer paid overtime opportunities so that you can bring home extra money on top of your usual paycheck when you need to — or tuck away extra funds for a vacation later down the line.

A Wide Array of Truck Driving Jobs in Allentown, PA

Are you new to truck driving or a seasoned driver with many years under your belt and on your tires? Regardless of your experience, if you’re passionate, driven, and focused on safety and DOT compliance, we’re looking for you at TQM Logistics!

Types of CDL Truck Driving Jobs Available in Allentown, PA

We are seeking hard-working and dedicated employees to fill many different types of full-time truck driving jobs. When you browse our CDL jobs in Allentown, PA, you’ll find both Class A and B truck driving jobs, including:

  • Car Haulers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Hazmat Trucks
  • Intermodal Trucks
  • Reefer Trucks
  • Dry Van Trucks
  • Tri-Axle Trucks
  • Yard Jockey Trucks


Offering Medical Benefits, 401K, & Paid Vacation Days for Truck Drivers

We offer comprehensive medical benefits, a 401k plan, and paid vacation time for truck drivers at TQM. Here are some of the benefits that you can count on when working CDL truck driving jobs with us:


About Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA, is a bustling combination of the suburban and the urban, located only an hour outside of Philadelphia yet filled with pockets of white-picket-fence suburbia. Allentown has a rich history in the manufacturing and transportation industry due to its prime position near many major Pennsylvania highways and has continued to grow and expand over the past few decades as more people discover the advantages of its location.

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