Driver Career Paths


After more than 20 years in the transportation industry, having hired either directly or indirectly thousands of drivers, I am continually amazed when a professional driver with 10+ years of experience, applies for a job with a driver leasing company paying entry level wages with minimal benefits (if any).  What happened to cause this recurring phenomenon in our industry?  Is it a surprise that the industry is having difficulty recruiting new drivers?  Is this what a driver should expect if their chosen profession is operating a commercial vehicle?  A typical commercial drivers career path appears to be a series of lateral job changes.


The transportation industry offers a variety of driving jobs with varying degrees of skill level needed as well as varying degrees of difficulty in performing the job.  I don’t think anyone would argue that a company transfers a tremendous amount of liability and responsibility into the hands of their commercial truck driver.  Liability not only in the form of accident liability, but also in the way their customers perceive their company based on interactions with driver representatives.  An organization that undervalues the impact a driver has on their ability to grow revenue and impact customer service is naïve.  

Commercial Driver Resource companies have the unique advantage over individual driver employers to offer career counseling and advancement opportunities. 
TQM Logistics Solutions, Inc. provides drivers to companies that fall along the spectrum of requirements needed to perform the job:  entry level commercial vehicles not requiring a CDL license, straight truck CDL B delivery operations, drop and hook operations, over dimensional operations, and specialized equipment operations to name a few.  And while there are so many companies that offer driving opportunities, so very few offer a driver the opportunity to grow from a less experienced position to the top of the driving spectrum.  So by design a driver must switch companies to continue to grow and develop.  

The potential career path should look like this:



At TQM Logistics Solutions we know that our drivers are our most importent asset, and we treat you that way. We will provide you with career opportunities that meet your objectives and capabilities now, and as your career develops. We will work with you to develop your career with training for higher paying opportunities.


Changing the "driver leasing industry",
one company and one driver at a time.

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