Professional truck drivers work hard. The hours can be long and inconsistent. Depending on your employer, you might not be receiving the benefits you deserve.

If this is the case for you, then you should aspire to work with TQM Logistics Solutions, Inc. With everything from great benefits to steady employment, we assure those who apply to work with us that we strive to give our hires the same incredible experience as we do our clients, to whom we guarantee only the best in professional delivery for goods of all shapes and sizes.


Our Employment Opportunities

TQM Logistics Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of different employment opportunities for our drivers. Our goal is to help all employees find the job that is best for them and that best suits their abilities and talents, allowing them the opportunity and freedom to explore different assignments without having to apply to a new employer each time.  


Benefits of Working with TQM Logistics

Besides the flexibility provided by our job opportunities, TQM Logistics hires all of our employees directly. All of our employees are permanent and full-time workers; we do not employ 1099 contract workers. By doing so, we can provide our drivers with superior pay, great benefits, and the ability to switch from one job to another without having to switch employers.

Furthermore, because we hire our drivers directly, you will never run into the typical inconveniences experienced by a contract worker. You will never again have to separate your taxes out yourself each quarter. Unlike contract workers, you will have more extensive medical benefits, a full-time work schedule, employee worker protections, and access to paid sick days and leaves of absence.


Apply Today

If you are seeking a better opportunity, we encourage you to fill out an application online today. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact our team here at TQM Logistics by calling us at 866-823-4519.