Regardless of what kind of driving you’re doing, one thing you’ll need to be an expert on is cornering. Not only is it essential for navigating tight and cramped city streets, but it’s crucial to both getting on and getting off exit ramps. Not only that, but incorrect cornering and speed are commonly cited as the cause of a large number of trucking accidents.

At TQM Logistics, we provide jobs for CDL drivers, and we’re dedicated to keeping them safe and secure when they’re on the road. In fact, it’s precisely why we offer resources like news, industry information, truck driving tips, and more to give you the tools to succeed. Let’s take a look at how to master the art of cornering and maintain safety for both you and the drivers around you.

Cornering Components

When it comes to cornering a big rig, there are typically two distinct components that go into it: area and momentum. The thing to remember is that you need to control your vehicle and pull your trailer behind it. While this may seem simple enough, if you’re going too fast, then your trailer can gain momentum and actually push the cab through the turn. This can be disastrous, especially if there isn’t much area to turn.

Go Slow

This cannot be stressed enough. While your vehicle is still straight, you need to slow it down, then begin the turn, proceeding safely. If you’re trying to slow down while you’re actually making the turn, then it can cause the momentum of your cargo to shift and result in you losing control. And don’t worry about the traffic behind you — even though they may have to slow down for you, don’t let it bother you or make you feel like you need to speed up. Safety is paramount.

Swing and a Miss

What happens if you’re about to miss an exit? If you suddenly realize that your exit is coming up, don’t try to swing and catch it. Even though this might be tempting, especially in more congested areas, the risk simply isn’t worth it. Just slow down and take the next exit. In most cases, you can easily turn around and get back on the highway. Bottom line — don’t try to make a last-minute turn.

City Cornering

City streets can be a cornering nightmare, especially if there are congestion and traffic. However, if you miss your turn, the same rule regarding missing your exit applies here — slow down and make the next available turn. This way, you can carefully turn around and get back to your path safely and without endangering yourself and other drivers and pedestrians.

Not only does cornering require attention to detail, but it can be even more complicated when the roads are wet or icy. Regardless of what the road conditions are, it’s vital to remember that cornering is a skill you need to master. Remember to take it slow, no matter what; it’ll help keep you, your load, and the other drivers around you safe from harm.

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