In just a couple of weeks, the country will be celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, occurring from September 8 – 14th this year. At TQM Logistics, we don’t just offer truck drivers jobs throughout PA. We also appreciate our drivers every single day of the year, this is a perfect opportunity for the rest of America to take time to honor and be proud of our nation’s truck drivers. 

Many people do not realize the commitment and hard work that it takes to be a truck driver. Not only is this one of the country’s most demanding jobs, but few people truly understand the beneficial impact that truck drivers have on our economy. Numbering in the millions, these professional men and women are instrumental in getting our nation’s goods delivered safe, secure, and on time. 

Think about it: when most people go to the grocery store and see aisle after aisle fully stocked with food, are they really considering how the food actually arrived there? Or how about when they go to get fuel in their vehicle. Are they thinking about how the gas actually gets to the pumps? 

So, what if the country’s legion of truck drivers were to suddenly stop? Let’s take a look at what could happen.

The First Day

In just a short 24 hours without truck drivers, the country’s economy could be adversely affected. Not only would hospitals begin to diminish their most basic supplies, but shortages of gas and food would begin to develop, and package deliveries of any sort would suddenly halt.

Just a Few Days Later

Within the first three days of no truck drivers, the aforementioned food and gas shortages would come to a peak, resulting in surge pricing, long lines, hoarding, and panic from consumers. Additionally, just about every ATM and even many banks would run out of money. And not only that, but household garbage, as well as dumpster refuse, would start to accumulate in streets and parking lots across the nation. 

After a Week

Due to a complete lack of fuel, most vehicular travel will cease. Hospitals would now begin to run out of critical life-saving supplies, such as oxygen and other necessities. 

Clearly, truck drivers are a crucial part of the American way of life and play a vital role in the national and global economy. They allow us to live comfortably and even help to ensure our good health. It’s time to recognize the powerful and impactful role they play in Americans’ lives. So remember them not only during this Truck Driver Appreciation Week, but throughout the year as well. Here’s to our nation’s truck drivers. Thank you for all that you do for us. 

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