Every season has a unique set of challenges for truck drivers to navigate. With the changing of the seasons, drivers have to account for various factors and shifting conditions that make their long journeys more challenging. Knowing what to look out for as a commercial driver can help avoid potential unsafe conditions while on the road.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

For drivers entering unfamiliar states and areas, keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings can help them be ready to make quick decisions at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s local wildlife unexpectedly jumping into the road, sudden sharp turns or other drivers taking unnecessary risks, staying alert will help keep you and your cargo in good condition. 

Look Out for Sun Glare

It’s not just physical obstacles you have to deal with while on the road. Sun glare can prove a significant problem for the drivers on the road early in the morning or right at sunset. Stay mindful of the glare and take any necessary steps to stay safe during these times of the day. 

Keep an Eye on Sudden Weather Changes

With the temperature changes come potentially sudden weather conditions, like fog, that can make the roads more dangerous and driving more difficult. Fallen leaves and wind can potentially affect your tire’s traction.

Slow Down

For all drivers, one of the most important safety measures they can take comes down to how fast they go on the highway. This rule rings especially true for drivers with massive trucks with large cargo that can become unruly at high speeds. Take the time to check your speed and make sure you are going safely for the current road conditions. 

The fall is the starting point for more unpredictable weather and road conditions. As temperatures continue to drop, the likelihood of frost forming on the road increases exponentially. Early morning runs after an especially cold night can lead to these types of hazardous conditions, so remain mindful of weather reports and potential pitfalls. 

Nighttime Visibility

It’s a point we touched upon briefly; however, it’s an important point to touch on again. The fall begins to see days grow shorter, daylight savings time end, and, unfortunately, longer night drives. For truck drivers making these trips, nighttime visibility remains a paramount issue that needs attention. Ensuring your lights are all in working order before starting your next drive will help you adjust to any potential problems or hazards that may pop up unexpectedly during the trip. 

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