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Information on the trucking industry.
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Our Career Coaches are not commissioned recruiters.  They work for you with the goal of helping you find the best driving opportunity that meets your specifications and qualifications today and into the future.  Finding the right company to move your career forward can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you are working.  TQM Career Coaches can be invaluable in helping you navigate all the challenges involved in a job search.  And the best part is they work for you for FREE!!

If you haven’t noticed things are changing quickly in the transportation industry.  TQM offers all drivers that we work with FREE training so that you can stay informed of all the changes that impact you and your industry.  Why not start by viewing our training on Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA).

TQM offers Commercial Truck Drivers many options either working directly for TQM as an employee driver (Full Time and Part Time), or working at any of our DRIVERS DIRECT clients across the country.
TQM CORE DRIVERS are full time employees of TQM Logistics Solutions, working at one of our DEDICATED accounts.
Being a TQM SUPPLEMENTAL DRIVER offers you the ultimate in flexibility.  You can work at a number of companies and have the opportunity to explore different types of work you might be interested in, without making a career commitment.  It also allows you to quickly start working, typically in less than 1 week, in the event you are separated from employment.  Is there a company you have wanted to go to work for but have not been able to get in the door?  Tell your Career Coach and we will do our best to open that door!!
A TQM TRANSITION DRIVER is often an opportunity created by our drivers.  While we do get requests from customers that want to do a "TEMP to PERM" solution, more often it is because a company is so impressed with the driver we provide, they want to hire them.
Are you looking to work for a major trucking company or are you an Owner Operator looking to obtain new or additional work.  TQM has created a truly unique approach to assisting companies looking for quality drivers.  We have created our Career Coaches to work with the best drivers in the industry, so they can find the opportunity that meets their expectations and that they are qualified for.  We are not just trying to "fill a seat".  Only by matching a driver to the right opportunity for the driver, will a successful employment relationship be created.  Complete a DOT Application or a Mini Application and have a TQM Career Coach start working for you!!!

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